Why You’re Not Making Progress: A Trainer’s Advice on Plateau’s

Written by Sajan Patel Change is a slow and sometimes difficult process. Changing body composition, habits, mindset, and psychology can be slow and agonizing at times. Many of my clients have experienced plateaus and long periods of little to no change. There is nothing worse in training than not making progress. Regardless of your opinion […]

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Strength Is for Everyone!

Strength is for everyone: 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Strength Training Right NOW! Written by Sajan Patel What do you see when you think of the word ‘strength’? Is it a huge Arnold Era bodybuilder pressing hundreds of pounds overhead? Is it carrying groceries from the car without getting tired? Or maybe it is […]

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happy woman relaxing with the sunset view

Outdoor Exercise Pros and Cons

Written by Sajan Patel With the end in sight for the Pandemic and the rising Spring temperatures, now is the best time to start getting outside. But is physical activity outside actually better for you? This is a breakdown of what happens to your body when you exercise outside, when it is good for you, […]

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Amy Bowers Meredith

Client Shout Out After recently facing some unexpected adversity in her life, Amy Bowers Meredith, has shown the utmost resiliency and strength. While most people would have thrown in the proverbial towel, Amy has not wavered in setting aside time and plans her schedule around her two weekly sessions with trainer Leah Travisano, one personal […]

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headshot of personal trainer leah at proformance fitness

Leah Travisano

Trainer Spotlight Born into a family of high-achieving individuals, our trainer Leah Travisano, learned from an early age what it means to set your mind to something and achieve it. At age 5, Leah begged her mother, who was a former professional ice skater, for her first pair of skates, and was quickly turned down. […]

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Experience ProFormance

Come “Experience ProFormance”. Free and open to anyone who wants to become a better version of themselves. We want you to experience all our core program offerings which include strength, pilates, conditioning and recovery. Saturday, January 12   |   9:15 – 11 am ProFormance Health & Wellbeing 2041 River Road, Louisville, KY 40206; next to Arnold’s […]

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Dan Crutcher receives a training from Adam

Client Spotlight: Dan Crutcher

Dan first started coming to ProFormance after he had a knee replacement surgery. Dan was very active before the surgery, but afterwards he got out of the habit. Due to the sore knee, he wasn’t getting much exercise, he gained 10 pounds, felt weak, and balance wasn’t good.  So he started working with Adam.  “I’ve […]

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Julie crutcher receiving personal training from Cary Cox at proformance fitness

Client Spotlight: Julie Crutcher

Julie is our oldest living graduate. She has been training with Cary Cox since 2001.  As Julie got older her training needs began to change. She needed more postural work, flexibility, and strength. So around 2014 Cary recommended she work with Adam. After years of sitting at a desk, Julie had developed some postural issues, […]

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Keith Hall smiling at the camera with the Proformance Fitness trainers

Client Spotlight: Keith Hall

Keith has been coming to ProFormance for a while now and his transformation has been INCREDIBLE! He published an article on his LinkedIn sharing his thoughts and feelings on his experience here. Instead of putting words in his mouth, we’ll let him tell the story. So without further ado… “Six years ago today I was […]

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man swimming under the water

Client Spotlight: Mike Jotautas

  Mike has been coming to ProFormance for the last 5 years. He first came here because he is a triathlon coach and we helped him design programs for the athletes that he coaches. Due to scheduling reasons, Mike has been training with Adam Masternick for the past year. “The reason I like coming here […]

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