Leah Travisano

Certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor


Leah has a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science with a double minor in Nutrition and Psychology from Miami University. She skated on the Varsity skating team and qualified for Team USA. After graduating, Leah became a professional figure skater touring in Europe. Leah continues to coach skating and is currently working towards her STOTT Pilates certifications.

Specialties: Strength, flexibility, balance, Pilates, injury prevention

My philosophy:   The most important thing to me is YOU. How are you feeling? What are your goals? What obstacles do we have to overcome? My training philosophy is very individualized to meet your needs.  “Through skating I have learned the importance of mental toughness, goal setting and the ability to turn obstacles into opportunities.” We will work together to improve not only your physical self but your mental self. I want you to think of me as a coach who is here to guide you on YOUR personal path to health and self-love.