Keith Allen


Keith Allen is a New York native and former Master Instructor at Equinox Fitness. He has a BS in Sports Medicine and an MS in Athletic Training from Long Island University. He is certified by the National College of Strength and Fitness and has served in the fitness industry for over a decade. His focal area is functional strength training, but he also has proven experience in sport-specific training and bodybuilding.

Specialties: Functional Strength Training

                    Post Injury/Post Surgical Training

                    Special Populations

My Philosophy: We are complex creatures and our bodies are the work of a genius Creator. Through the discipline of science we have been able to study how it has been designed to work, what it’s optimal positions are, and how it adapts under various stressors. Using the understanding that we have gained through these observations, and by applying the appropriate training and nutrition stimuli, we can lay hold of our responsibility to steward our bodies well and to prepare for the rigors of life that lay ahead.