Katie Adams


Playing collegiate volleyball and working with youth athletes throughout her college career made Katie develop the love to inspire young athletes to reach their potential mentally and physically on and off the court. She also enjoys working with older athletes wither preparing them for playing in college or being their strength coach while back in town for the summer. Katie loves working with a variety of people from the weekend warrior, to the decorated Triathlete. Being a triathlete herself, Katie loves working with endurance athletes  on functional movements and prehab to increase their ability to go further for longer. Katie believes that the mind is just as powerful as the body and encourages her clients to come into each session with an open, positive mindset.

Degree: Bachelor’s in Exercise Science with a Nutrition minor from Bellarmine University and a ACSM Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM-CPT).

Philosophy: I truly believe that individualization is key to optimal health.  I want to know your daily routine and lifestyle so we can create the perfect plan for YOU to start feeling your best today! Not only do I believe that exercise is medicine but also the impact nutrition can make! I am all ears for any nutrition questions or concerns you may have. I want you to leave ProFormance feeling confident in yourself!