Erik Hagan



Erik is in his final semester at the University of Louisville, gearing up to graduate in May with a degree in Exercise Science.
As a former collegiate soccer player, Erik knew early on, that exercise science is where he wanted to set his sights on for his career path.  Intrigued by the methods in which trainers work with their teams, and helping gain strength and conditioning to carry over to their field play, Erik enjoys learning the ins and outs of holistic training programs.  Erik works quite a bit with our next generation athletes through The Foundation part of our ProGram sports performance training.  He is fascinated by how the body moves during sports and loves to help his clients improve not only in their functionality and injury prevention, but how to come out of an injury stronger as well.  Erik looks forward to getting certified in the Functional Movement Screening after graduation, and is excited to add this as an extension and incorporation in his client offerings.