Donny Hack


Degree:  BS from University of Louisville in Health and Human Performance.  Donny has been employed in the personal trainer, group fitness, exercise physiology industry since 2001.

Donny has worked with all ages from children to senior citizens.  He loves working with all fitness levels, and he is passionate about helping athletes develop speed and power in their sports. Having had injuries himself, he enjoys helping  people recover from back injuries or lower back pain.

Donny says that his philosophy includes a “listen first” approach to help clients determine their physical barriers, goals, and what they enjoy doing to burn calories.

His own personal favorite exercises include deadlifts, Turkish get-ups, hill running (with his dog Josie), and pillow hugs.

In his spare time, Donny plays volleyball, cycles, cooks, and occasionally binge watches TV.  He also enjoys live music.  As a student at Clarksville High School he was on the best cross-country team the school ever had.  The school only had 400 students and made it to State.