Alan Willinger


Degree: Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science from the University of Louisville
Beginning work on his Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology in the fall, also at UofL
Alan loves working with a variety of people, but truly loves working with athletes of all ages, to get better on-court/field conditioning.  He has a broad spectrum of athletes he likes to work with.  They can vary from a middle school or high school athlete looking to advance their careers to the next level, or a person in their mid-40’s/50’s who plays tennis recreationally and wants to get in better condition.  Alan truly enjoys teaching people why he’s having them do certain exercises and movements, so they can understand the foundation he is creating and building upon.  With his propensity to help teach others, he hopes to one day to be able to teach exercise science at a local university, in addition to continuing to his training and coaching at ProFormance.