Alan Willinger



Currently in his final semester at the University of Louisville studying Exercise Science, Alan has gained experience working at several internship sites that include working as a physical therapy technician and fitness specialist. It is here at ProFormance that he got his feet wet in the personal training profession and has since enjoyed every minute of it. Alan is somewhat of a self-proclaimed exercise physiology nerd and spends his time away from training clients at the campus academic center tutoring other exercise science majors. “There is so much to learn from our bodies and how they respond to exercise.” – Alan. His goal is to share this knowledge in a fun and practical way to clients and future students as he plans to one day become an exercise physiology professor.

“I whole-heartedly believe that exercise is medicine. It is the ultimate form of self care that improves both the body and the mind. With proper prescription, you can expect side effects of confidence, energy, and an exciting journey to health! I want to help you along that journey by making it both fun and challenging!” – Alan’s Philosophy