Local Louisvillian Wes Griffin has been with ProFormance since 2013.  Those who have met Wes, see a laid-back, easy-going, always smiling guy.  However, those who really know Wes, know that hard work and dedication are two things that he embodies and embraces.  While studying at the University of Louisville, Wes worked 3rd shift at UPS.  Following his night shift, he would go straight to teach a boot camp in the morning, and then would go onto his classes.  He would get a few hours of sleep and then head back to UPS.  He was able to manage this chaotic schedule throughout college, and received his degree in Health and Human Performance.  This determination and dedication, coupled with an easy-going manner, carries over to Wes’ training style.  He pushes his clients to become better, while using his positive outlook and approachable demeanor, to put his clients at ease.     

Wes’ background was initially in CrossFit, but he was drawn to ProFormance through the internship program and has been here ever since.  Many of Wes’ clients are one-on-one training sessions, which he enjoys, but he also takes pride in his ability to teach small group classes.  He appreciates seeing the intimate, yet social dynamic of small groups, as well as loves watching the camaraderie people build, while getting a good workout together. 

An avid outdoorsman, Wes feels most at home while hiking and camping.  If he takes a vacation somewhere, it usually involves either the outdoors, or traveling to a WrestleMania event.  Something people may not know about Wes is that he’s an avid Pro Wrestling fan and one of his favorite possessions is a Championship belt.   

Wes is married to Beth, and together they have two cats, Vincent and Maxie, who is blind and has special needs.  In their down time, Wes and Beth like to sneak away with their friends and play paintball.  

Wes, you bring such a positive energy to our team and we are grateful for you!  

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