The Sports Performance ProGram

Develop your inner athlete with our team of sports performance professionals.

Your performance coach will guide you through a complete system that focuses on training your body and mind the way it is used in competition.

You will improve in the areas of:

  • Stability, balance, reaction time, and core strength
  • Quicker acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction
  • Functional strength
  • Decrease risk of injury through improving flexibility

The ProGram, has three phases which include “The Foundation,” “Train to Perform”, and “Peak Performance.” Each phase of the progression becomes systematically more complex and challenging for the athlete. Different overload variables are used to challenge the athlete as he or she progresses. The methodology was developed to improve the athlete’s balance, agility, athletic movement, strength, and power.

The Foundation:

Developed for the younger athlete who needs to learn how to move his or her body. Body awareness, proper posture, breathing technique, learning proper lifting techniques, coordination, balance, and basic strength.
Who: (Typical ages: 9 – 12 years)

Train to Perform:

Developed for the athlete who needs to gain muscle mass, strength, power, agility, quickness and speed.
Who: (Typical ages: 13 – 18 years)

Peak Performance:

Developed for the athlete who is ready to become bigger, faster, and stronger for their specific sport. This is the phase for the athlete who is ready to perform their best at the college or professional level.
Who: (Typical ages: 19 – 35 years)

The ProGram was developed to improve the athletes based on what Coach Ray Ganong has been doing for over thirty years. A history of producing athletes like Donavan Mitchell, Terry Rozier, Montrezl Harrell, Jim Kelly, Vinnie Testaverde, Bernie Kosar, Alonzo Highsmith, and countless other professional athletes is a testament to his success. Sign up today to train with legendary “Coach G” and our team of professional personal trainers!

Ray Ganong on Wave3