integrative rehab program
Stephen Pobst gives a rehab program to a woman at proformance fitness

Sports Rehab

Play with Confidence

Our integrative sports rehab program is unique to the fitness industry.  Many of us are going through our daily lives with chronic or acute injuries that limit our performance, or at the very least create aches and pains. For your convenience, we have partnered with Kentucky Sports Chiropractic to offer in-house care for these sports injuries. This program is perfect for you if you have a nagging injury, restricted movement, or pain, in your neck, back, shoulders, hips, knees, etc.

Stephen Pobst, DC will assess your body mechanics and balance and restore your normal muscle tone through soft tissue techniques that correct and prevent musculo-skeletal injuries and bio-mechanical imbalances. He will work closely with you and your Fitness Coach through an on-going, integrated approach to enhance your workouts and your every day life.

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What you should know about the Integrative Sports Rehab Program:

You’ve scheduled your sports rehab session with Dr. Stephen Pobst. Great! Now what?  The first thing you should know is that Dr. Stephen is one of the most sought after functional chiropractic practitioners in this region.  He will not only be able to help you get relief, but also educate you and answer all your questions.

What will Dr. Stephen do?:

Depending on your symptoms, Dr. Stephen will use a number of techniques designed to address issues in the musculoskeletal and soft tissue systems.

What should I wear?:

Dress in athletic clothes. Depending on your symptoms, Dr. Stephen might need to access your upper leg or upper back, so men should wear shorts and a t-shirt, woman can wear shorts and a sports bra.  Your treatment area will be private and not visible by those working out in the gym.

Where do I go for my session?:

For your convenience, your session will be at ProFormance, located at 2041 River Road Louisville, KY 40206. Your session will be in a private section of our workout studio.  When coming to your appointment walk into the main training area.

How do I pay?

Payment options are as followed:

Cash, Check or an on-file credit card.  One of our ProFormance staff members can take your credit card information and process your payments. All payments are due at the time of service.

How do I schedule an appointment?:

Your trainer can help schedule your appointment, or you can schedule it yourself through our online scheduling portal.


a headshot of Stephen Pobst at proformance fitness

Dr. Pobst focuses primarily on research based treatment protocols that address the actual root of your problem. He is certified in Functional Movement Systems, Selective Functional Movement Assessment, NeuroKinetic Therapy, as well as being a Specialized Certified Body Geometry Bike Fitter.

Dr. Pobst has an extensive background in the treatment of sports and performance. He is a former four-year tennis player for the University of Missouri – St. Louis and has worked as the strength and conditioning coach for his alma-mater.

He has worked with other collegiate and top level high school athletes for sport specific training and has evaluated the swing mechanics of hundreds of tennis players.