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Trainer Spotlight

Born into a family of high-achieving individuals, our trainer Leah Travisano, learned from an early age what it means to set your mind to something and achieve it. At age 5, Leah begged her mother, who was a former professional ice skater, for her first pair of skates, and was quickly turned down. Determined to succeed, she continued to beg for skates, and after a year of Leah’s persistence, her mom finally caved and gave her a pair of skates and some lessons. “Ice skating really shaped me into the person I am today. It taught me self-discipline and kept me focused on what I really wanted.” As a result of her hard work and dedication, Leah has been able to ice skate at the highest professional level all around the world. Following a 30 city ice skating tour, Leah was ready to be home.¬† She tried a desk job, and while she found success, she also found boredom. “I need to be moving.¬† Sitting behind a desk isn’t for me.” Thankfully, she found ProFormance and is able to move and teach her clients how to move. Leah enjoys splitting her time between coaching both personal training clients and pilates clients. Because of her background, Leah loves helping her clients set goals, and tailoring approaches geared toward each individual and how they can achieve their goals.

Leah is married to Pete Travisano and together they have cute puppy Marvin.  Instagram: @leahtravisano

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