Steve VanHooser receives personal training from Cary Cox at Proformance Fitness


Steve is a ProFormance veteran. He has been training with Cary Cox for 18 years. When he first came to see Cary, he was at 17% body fat and couldn’t do a single pull-up. Now he is at 9% body fat and can do a lot more than a single pull-up. 

“I think that ProFormance is the right place to go if you are serious about getting healthy. I think that the trainers here are phenomenal in being able to customize a plan just for you, and making sure that you execute on that plan to achieve your goals.”

We wanted to take this time to recognize Steve and all the hard work he has put in over the years. Steve is the truest testament to what can be accomplished when you put in the work and remain dedicated over an extended period of time. 

Results like Steve’s don’t happen over night, but with the proper guidance and accountability, it can happen faster than you think. 

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