Keith Hall smiling at the camera with the Proformance Fitness trainers

Keith has been coming to ProFormance for a while now and his transformation has been INCREDIBLE! He published an article on his LinkedIn sharing his thoughts and feelings on his experience here. Instead of putting words in his mouth, we’ll let him tell the story. So without further ado…

“Six years ago today I was morbidly obese. I weighed 328.8 lbs. I was moody and embarrassed. Like a good player in the tournament who was shooting with poor form, I could hear Bill Raftery saying, “Get those puppies organized.”

Six years, 22.56MM steps (aka 10,300+ miles), almost 250 @onepeloton rides, and enough grilled chicken, cottage cheese, and bananas to fill a small grocery later, I weigh less than 210 lbs. My metabolic age – which was so high it could not be measured – is now less than my actual age.

I give these little anniversary updates for three reasons. 

First, I want to say thanks to the literally hundreds of you who have shown me support through this journey. Without your constant encouragement, this never would have happened. I want to especially thank the MOP’s (Most Outstanding Players) of this effort. First is my wife Leah who loved me just as much at 328.8 as she does today. She has never one time wavered on our joint decision to do what it takes to put my health first. Second is my trainer Bert Kremer of Proformance Fitness. Bert has changed my life by teaching me how and what to eat. He has been serving up challenging and fun workouts several times a week for going on three years. I am grateful to all of you and many more, but especially Leah and Bert. 

Second, accountability is key to anything and no accountability is better than public accountability. Broadcasting is a bit of an insurance policy against the humiliation that would come with regressing.

Third, and most important to me, is this. I have not quite said it this way before, but it has been on my mind for six years. Everyone reading this has someone in their life who is morbidly obese – or headed there quickly. Maybe they have a Mother like me that believed food was a form of love. She was – and still is – a fantastic cook making biscuits and gravy and fried potatoes and always having it at the ready. Perhaps the person you are thinking of right now has a job that requires frequent travel and/or is high stress and food is a form of comfort for them. Or perhaps they have children who require all that they require and what gets left out is nutrition and movement. 

That person needs YOU. 

You can be the person who smiles when a less than flattering comment about them is made. 

Or you can answer that age old question, “Am I my Brother’s Keeper?” the way we would all want to answer it when we are the best versions of ourselves. 

May I suggest you take them aside or to lunch and say simply, 1) I love you, 2) we need to tackle this problem before it tackles you, and 3) I am going to help you with it every step of the way. 

Then, just follow through. 

Sometimes one conversation can change a life just like Leah, Bert and so many of you have changed mine.”

Published by: Keith Hall
March 21, 2018


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