Jason Richey receives personal training from Bert at Proformance Fitness

Jason initially came to us because he didn’t have the energy levels that he wanted. Jason has been training with Bert for over a year now. Just look at his transformation; the results speak for themselves.

“The cool thing about ProFormance is that, not only your coach, but everybody there wants your goals to be achieved. They want to help you in any way that you can so that you can be a better you.” – Jason

Since coming to ProFormance, Jason is definitely stronger and has the energy he wants now, but the biggest transformation for him was his mentality.

By working with our staff, Jason developed a stronger, more effective self-image that has allowed him to excel in many areas of his life.

He now has more purpose and direction. He has experienced the culture we are continually creating and that is what has made the biggest impact.



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