Jeff Roberts doing personal training with Carlos Rivas

Client Spotlight: Jeff Roberts

Jeff has been training with Carlos for about 6 months.  Jeff loves to run on his own, but he came to us because of his aches and pains. He wanted to feel better. “It’s been a very positive place for me to come, I look forward to it. At first, it was hard work, now […]

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Dan Crutcher receives a training from Adam

Client Spotlight: Dan Crutcher

Dan first started coming to ProFormance after he had a knee replacement surgery. Dan was very active before the surgery, but afterwards he got out of the habit. Due to the sore knee, he wasn’t getting much exercise, he gained 10 pounds, felt weak, and balance wasn’t good.  So he started working with Adam.  “I’ve […]

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J-R Curtin receives a fitness rehab from Carlos at Proformance Fitness

Client Spotlight: J-R Curtin

J-R started coming to ProFormance about a year ago.  He is a former professional/college athlete, and is currently 70 years old.  As J-R has gotten older, it has been harder for him to remain diligent about exercise. When he first came to us, it was evident that what he needed was rehab, rather than trying […]

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Julie crutcher receiving personal training from Cary Cox at proformance fitness

Client Spotlight: Julie Crutcher

Julie is our oldest living graduate. She has been training with Cary Cox since 2001.  As Julie got older her training needs began to change. She needed more postural work, flexibility, and strength. So around 2014 Cary recommended she work with Adam. After years of sitting at a desk, Julie had developed some postural issues, […]

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Keith Hall smiling at the camera with the Proformance Fitness trainers

Client Spotlight: Keith Hall

Keith has been coming to ProFormance for a while now and his transformation has been INCREDIBLE! He published an article on his LinkedIn sharing his thoughts and feelings on his experience here. Instead of putting words in his mouth, we’ll let him tell the story. So without further ado… “Six years ago today I was […]

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man swimming under the water

Client Spotlight: Mike Jotautas

  Mike has been coming to ProFormance for the last 5 years. He first came here because he is a triathlon coach and we helped him design programs for the athletes that he coaches. Due to scheduling reasons, Mike has been training with Adam Masternick for the past year. “The reason I like coming here […]

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Drew Shryock before and after fitness training results at Proformance Fitness

Client Spotlight: Drew Shryock

Drew came to us a little over a year ago, and since then he’s lost about 55 pounds! When he first came to us he had lots of aches and pains, back problems, and he even had a broken leg. “About to weeks after I started coming to ProFormance, I broke my leg. Carlos was […]

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Jason Richey receives personal training from Bert at Proformance Fitness

Client Spotlight: Jason Richey

Jason initially came to us because he didn’t have the energy levels that he wanted. Jason has been training with Bert for over a year now. Just look at his transformation; the results speak for themselves. “The cool thing about ProFormance is that, not only your coach, but everybody there wants your goals to be […]

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