Client Shout Out

After recently facing some unexpected adversity in her life, Amy Bowers Meredith, has shown the utmost resiliency and strength. While most people would have thrown in the proverbial towel, Amy has not wavered in setting aside time and plans her schedule around her two weekly sessions with trainer Leah Travisano, one personal training and one for pilates. “I love it here at ProFormance. This gym has changed my life in the best possible way.  Coming here is a priority for me. I make sure I don’t schedule any work during exercise times,” Amy shares. Amy keeps coming back because “Leah continues to push and challenge me. She’s constantly raising the bar, so I am improving, but we also have a lot fun.” When Amy first started at ProFormance 6 years ago, she began by doing her push ups with her hands on the bar. Leah then challenged Amy do push ups while on her knees and focusing on form, and Amy has since graduated to the traditional push up.  Amy has grown so much stronger, and is proud to share, that now she is able to do multiple sets of 10 push ups. “I enjoy focusing on my upper body strength.”  Since Leah continues to push Amy, Amy is also proud to say that she has added an extra 5″ to her box jumps. Box jumps were a big fear for Amy just 6 months ago, but with Leah’s encourage and help, Amy has overcome that fear and continues to jump higher, both in the mental and physical arenas.    

Way to go Amy!  Leah and the staff at ProFormance are so excited for you to keep crushing your goals and know that 2019 will be your best year yet!

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